- MA Contemporary Arts Pratice, Royal College of Art, London (in progress) 



- (TBC)

- Spitting Distance, Brewery Tap Project Space, Folkestone

- Archiving Fever, Hundred Years Gallery, London

- Tender LOIN, Arts Admin, Toynbee Hall, London

- REVOLVE Performance Festival, Uppsala Sweden

- Trans Live Arts Salon Residency, Live Collision, Project Arts Centre, Dublin 

- ‘Five Minutes of Your Time’, Testbed1, London

- ‘Everything I Have Never Seen’, Green Rooms Hotel, London

- Royal College of Art WIP Show, London



- De Montstris, Royal College of Art, London

- Performances of a Skeleton House #2, London (with Alicia Radage)

- Queer City Cinema and Performatorium, Regina Canada

- Flirt, The Island, Bristol (with Alicia Radage)

- Ride the Sky, Fringe Arts Bath, Bath (facilitated by Robert Hardaker)

- AA2a Residency, De Montfort University, Leicester

- Performances of a Skeleton House #1, London (with Alicia Radage)

- BUZZCUT Festival, Pierce Institute, Glasgow

- Our Body is a Bridge, Private Residence, London (curated by Alicia Radage)

- | R E M N A N T S |, LCB Depot, Leicester



- Live Art Bistro, Leeds (with Alicia Radage)

- Surface Gallery Residency, Nottingham

- Perpetuating a Myth, De Montfort University, Leicester (facilitated by Robert Hardaker)

- TETRAD, Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester

- Private Residency, London (with Alicia Radage)

- DIY2015: Eyes Wide Open, Lancaster(facilitated by Zierle & Carter and Cristina   Georgiou)   

- SPILL Festival of Performance, Hackney Showroom, London

- Art Council Grants for the Arts for CHANT (cleanse)

- IPA Platform, Arolfini, Bristol

- IPA Workshop, Glastonbury, (with Jurgen Fritz)

- Pushing the Inside Out, Drawing the Inside In, Cell 63, Berlin, (facilitated by Zierle &   Carter, Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith)



- Tempting Failure, The Island, Bristol

- Fragile Limits, The Island, Bristol, (facilitated by VestandPage) 

- SPILL Festival of Performance National Platform, Ipswich

- Tri-Space Gallery, London

- Handmade Festival, The Guildhall, Leicester (with Lewys Holt)

- Little Wolf Parade, Vintage Warehouse, Nottingham

- The State of Magick symposium, De Montfort University, Leicester



- The Salon Residency, Highcross Centre, Leicester

- Handmade Festival, Leicester, 2013 (as The Attic Arts Collective)

- Circuit Performance Platform, De Montfort University, Leicester

- Two Queens Members Show, Leicester



- Inside Out, Ingenious Media, London

- Grassington Festival Art Trail, Grassington

- Art Exchange, Leeds Arts Gallery, Leeds

- Ba (Hons) Fine Art, De Montfort University, Leicester

- The Attic Presents, Pedestrian Gallery, Leicester